Tuesday, November 27, 2007

GMail Recent Mode

Useful when using multiple clients to download your mails using POP3. To use it, your account name should be "recent:yourname@gmail.com" (without quotes, notice recent: in front of your gmail email). Also your Gmail Settings' Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab's POP Download should be Enable POP for all email and When messages are accessed with POP field should have Keep Gmai's copy in the Inbox selected.


Neil said...

Please help. I set it up on iPhone 4 and iMail on my MacBook. Problem I now have is that I also receive all email that I send from this account in my inbox. How can I stop this please? Thank you.

Vincent said...

I faced the same issue. The way I found to solve it is to setup a filter in the inbox of the gmail account with the following parameters : if the message comes from your.email@gmail.com then the action is to 1-bypass inbox, 2-mark as read, 3-delete. The drawback is that you cannot send an email to yourself on purpose anymore. But this is not what you do often anyway.