Sunday, December 9, 2007

GTalk with HTC Touch

Now that you have your HTC Touch working with GMail, you're probably looking into other useful ways to spend its battery. One winner goes with being able to chat with your GTalk, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger buddies while you're on the go.

One nifty gadget you may want to try is the Agile Messenger. It works very well and supports GTalk and Yahoo! The only trouble is that its not free. Too bad. The trial version expires after about 2 weeks I think. I've used it without any problems for GTalk chats. Really great!

There are two other that I've tried with little success - neither one worked actually. Check out AniMessanger (which is really a Jabber client) and GoTalkMobile - perhaps you'll have more luck. I couldn't get much out of either one (although GoTalkMobile was showing up its menus but never got my GTalk friends retrieved). After some further reading it seems to be that the thing to look for is really a good Jabber client for Windows mobile since GTalk supports XMPP protocol that all Jabber clients talk well. I'll be updating this as I find something more useful...

Finally, good-old Skype. Its surprisingly not straight-forward to find the download for the mobile device. Oh, and accessing it through HTC Touch is not that great. Its not optimized for the viewer as you're better off downloading things through your PC. So anyways, you can get SKYPE for your mobile here.

Note that I did not try doing this without a WIFI connection, so I wouldn't exactly know what's the experience like if you're using your telco's GPRS (or whatever other) service to access the net.

Updated 17 Dec 2007...
Well seem to have found one that's working nicely with GTalk! Check out OctroTalk.

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