Tuesday, December 25, 2007

HTC Touch WIFI Connectivity

This article will briefly go through the the important steps of setting up your HTC Touch for WIFI connectivity.

There are two basic things to consider - connecting to an unsecured network and to a secured one. I hope you already know the access details (network key) for the network you're trying to connect to!
  1. Go to Start > Settings > Connections > WIFI (the Wireless LAN icon will provide you with details on a selected WIFI network. Useful perhaps when the network is hidden)
  2. In the list of networks select the desired one and click connect or tap on the network name (notice whether it says Available or Unavailable and aim for the former)
  3. Leave Network name as is (actually you can't change it anyway I think) and leave Connects to to The Internet, click Next
  4. On the next screen for most practical cases select for Authentication: SHARED (most folks leave it at OPEN and just waste time trying to figure out why the connection is not working)
  5. Select WEP for Data Encryption (this is a very common setting)
  6. Uncheck the The key is automatically provided checkbox (you'd need to enter it) and enter the network key (that you hopefully know) into the Network key box (note: this should usually be a 5-digit key)
  7. Leave Key Index to 1 (these are the common settings I'm discussing. If they're different in your particular case its probably because you already know more or have someone that does so you should be talking to your network admin if this is the case to get the exact details)
  8. Leave the rest at what it is, click Next
  9. Leave everything at default (Use IEEE 802.1x ... checkbox and EAP type)
  10. Click Finish
If all went well, your HTC Touch will soon enough connect itself to the network. If it does not get connected within the next 10-15 seconds then you should probably review one or more of the connection properties used above.

The funny thing with it is that when things go wrong it does not say much. Even worse - the network would sometimes disappear completely from the list of available networks or become unavailable. Whenever you see this chances are that you've misconfigured the network type (perhaps you put OPEN instead of SHARED or the other way around for the Authentication property) or the encryption type is not right (most of them do a WPA but sometimes you may have a different one).

Hope this helps.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, but is this for Telus, Rogers, or Bell?

sjusic said...

Well if my google search did well "Telus" is a telco in Canada. I assume the other two are as well.

The setup I've outlined above does not have anything to do with the telco. It should be applicable in all cases, regardless of the telco.

Having said that, perhaps your telco provides you with Wifi (which sounds kind of weird, but who knows) in which case they may have given some more details on the specific settings which are different from those that I've outlined.

Nan0 said...

Thanx for the info. My HTC touch connects to the Wifi router, but the problem arises when i try to open any page in my internet explorer. It simply says cannot locate page. I use a proxy server for internet access. Please help.

sjusic said...

Hi Nano
I think you need to open the Start > Settings > Connections and under there try working through the My Work Network > Set up my proxy server.

I have not tried working with a proxy so far so I can't tell much more.

Nan0 said...

Thnx for rplyng!
I have tried every technique in the book, still it does not work. The worst part is my friend who uses a O2 atom can easily connect and browse the web, same is the case with a I-mate jaq3.
The only difference between there and my PDA is Windows Mobile 6.

the lone wolf said...

i've been trying to get the wifi on my htc touch (GSM model) to work. alas. it detects my home wireless network (linksys router) in the list of available networks, but refuses to connect (prompts for access key -- i've set up mine as WPA-PSK, with TKIP encryption)! it just returns a prompt first time saying incorrect key, which i enter and subsequently, goes back to the list of available networks. sometimes my home network shows unavailable immediately afterwards. really sucks as wifi is one of the prime reasons i bought this phone. love it otherwise. can you help? thanks in advance.

sjusic said...

hi the lone wolf,
I had troubles with various networks and most of the time I'd say that the device does not connect properly due to a typo error when entering the key or a mismatch in a setting. The best advice I can give is to triple-check your linksys router's wifi setting against the one on your htc touch - the catch is somewhere inside there. hth.

Anonymous said...

how do i find out my network key?
please help!

sjusic said...

finding out your network key really depends on the device you're using. Most of the time, if you have some kind of a wifi router you will login to their admin interface (something like - this is the "main" IP of the router when you were setting up your network. It tends to be If you're not sure what is it open MSDOS prompt, type "ipconfig /all" and look for default gateway IP - that's the one)

You will likely get prompted for the user/password in the browser so keep that handy. Look around your admin interface for things relating to your Wifi/LAN - somewhere there you should be able to see the network key. hope this helps.

Jai said...

hello sir,
I have recently purchased HTC here at india and the problem is somewhat similar.

I have a netgear adsl router with open security. I connect my laptop on the wifi with a username and password of ISP.

My HTC detects the wifi and also connects to it but on activating IE it reports an error page not found. Kindly help

sjusic said...

Hi Jai,

I had troubles getting onto the internet when my internet provider uses VLAN and requires manual authentication from the device (from my desktop I have to manually connect to the net - the modem does not do that for me). I tried setting-up the connection parameters in HTC but for some reason never could get it to work through that connection.

One thing I've noticed is if you connect your PC to the net and then connect the HTC to the PC using that small USB cable the device can use the internet.

I suppose the best thing I can advise is to verify that you're on your local wifi - perhaps try accessing some files on your local network and then see if you can get the proper authentication settings done on the HTC to go to the net.

Good luck!

vikky said...

hello sir,
I have recently purchased HTC and the problem is somthing like that

My HTC detects the wifi and also connects to it but on activating IE it reports an error page not found. Kindly help....
i m so thankful to you...

sjusic said...

vikky: can't really say much with little info given, but I'd say you should perhaps (if possible) first try connecting through cable and verify you can to to the net via your PC. If this is not an option, make sure the wifi is 100% connected - I'd get the impression that at times htc would appear as if it is connected but there was actually a mismatch on the settings. So I suppose triple-check your wifi configuration - often the problem is in there.

Kewlguy said...

I have HTC Touch GSM version. The wifi works great. Have tried all sorts of enryption WEP, WPA and WPA-2. The only problem which i guess can be the power level which you can easily increase it from
Settings->Wireless Lan->Power Mode.
Change it to best performance and then try logging.
If still anyone faces any problem plz reach out to me at

Anonymous said...

I recently bought a Touch Viva with wifi. I cannot connect to the internet via wifi at my home, but i can at my school. At school, the wofi is not secured, but at home we have a WEP key. after going trhough the setup, like that you described in the earlier posts, it tells me the network key I have entered is incoreect. I am highly positive the key i enter is correct because its the same key i use with my laptop, and my previous wifi phone (Nokia E61i)

Sonika said...


I connected my HTC Touch to my wi-fi .. after which it completely hanged..have tried restarting the phone several times... but it doesnt turn ON now.

Kindly help


GARY said...

XMAN this sorted my HTC TOUCH HD was putting me crazy kept connecting to my gsm or 3.5g network now its wi fi all the way .. many thanks you are the man

Sumant Agarwal said...

Dear Samir,

I have been using the HTC Touch phone since December '07.
I have a wi-fi enabled modem at home and i am trying to figure out how to connect it through wi-fi? I have give a million attempts but fail every time. the problem is i really don't have a "network key" and can'r get it through my service provider either.
Please help.


Anonymous said...

Hello, I purchased a GSM HTC Touch and am now running it on TMobile network carrier in LV, NV. I have been trying to activate the WIFI option on this phone but when I open the path: Start Menu, Settings, Connections... there are only these icons:

Network Cards

I would like step by step instructions on how to activate WIFI on my phone.

luckylovedear said...

Thanx for the info. My HTC touch connects to the Wifi router, but the problem arises when i try to open any page in my internet explorer. It simply says cannot locate page. I use a proxy server for internet access. Please help.

Anonymous said...


i had same problem and i was suffering until i found very simple solution. Go Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Wireless LAN -> Power Mode -> and slide all the way LEFT to Best Performance.

Julio said...

i been suffering 8 months of this............and now u r angle not human..........all my troube is gone..........100000000000thanks

NickC said...

I've also been trying to use this phone on 802.11B WEP secured wifi which connects but wont do anything else UNTIL i deactivate the WEP and open the access point up then restrict access via MAC addresses. We have 5 other wireless devices that all connect fine.

Anonymous said...

I Had a BIg problem with my HTC touch

I can't find my network key so I used the encrytion key but It always says the network key you entered is not correct. How can I find My network key witouh restarting my linksys routeur? PLease Help

Joe said...

Hello Samir,
I recently got an HTC touch pro 2. It works fine on my home wireless network, but it doesn't work at my workplace. They have a complicated process to connect: you have to download a certificate and install it then set-up your network. I set it up correctly (2 administrators double-checked it for me). It connects and gets an IP (I can see the 2 arrows at the top of the screen), but I cannot open any webpage. The administrators have tried different proxies but to no avail. I-phones work fine. They seem to have a problem with windows mobile or HTC. Is there a patch I can download to get around this?? I could REALLY use an internet connection and I don't want to trash this and get an i-phone or something.
I would REALLY REALLY appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance

sjusic said...

Joe: I am not aware of any patch that is out there. Then again, I dont have a htc touch pro.

Anonymous said...

Just bought an older HTC Touch Pro on ebay and I'm having an issue connecting to my home wifi as well. It just constantly says connecting and then goes back to show that the network is available. any suggestions?