Friday, April 11, 2008

Testing with old browsers

Corporate policies could be a nightmare at times. As much as I understand the hassle of changing browsers and adjusting the applications to work with them I cannot appreciate folks who use IE6, refuse to use IE7 (which is, after all, a better beast then its predecessor) and don't want to start using Firefox.

My development machines are all upgraded to IE7 (XP still, though) and I now have a need to test against IE6 which is exclusively used for my current project. Well, luckily you can get old browsers from Installed it (well unzipped it, really) and seems to work (showing my messed-up UI as expected). About Us from Help incorrectly displays version 7 dialog box. Ah, well...

(Updated 23 May 2008):
One thing that does not work is the CSS hack through HTML comments. You probably know of being able to use a conditional inclusion of a CSS file by using IE-only conditional (