Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Drupal 6 and Panels

As I was starting out work on a new website to be implemented in Drupal, I was finally getting around the idea of using version 6 that everyone seems to be happily using for many months now.

My typical usage of Drupal consists of heavily relying on Panels and Views to pull-off the website's structure. It was somewhat of a shock to discover that Panels 2 is sort of abandoned in favor of Panels 3 for Drupal 6. That would be fine if it wasn't for the fact that Panels 3 is really still in heavy development. After several attempts to try and use it (followed by a patch from the 'dev' branch) I realized that I might end-up having a bit too many issues with Panels 3 to try and deploy it for this project. And since I still can't figure out what do people use if they're not using Panels to pull-off complicated structures I decided to go back to Drupal 5. Sigh. Sadly.

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