Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Drupal Zen theme

My latest Drupal-based website is going to be based on the Zen theme. What a joy! If only I had discovered it earlier. Really simplifies things and makes the theme come to life quicker. At least for now it is (1st day of serious development work). So if you're clicking around finding a Drupal 5.x theme, might as well try Zen first.

Incidentally, I've stumbled upon the and its 960 grid system which looks fantastic for future work. Loved the way the grid is defined and controlled. Dead simple, works without hassle across browsers.

Oh. And I hope to finally start using reset.css as a standard way of "equalizing" browser behavior. 960 ship their code with reset.css based on (I think) Eric Meyer's original reset (or was it Dave Shea?). Life is great.


Xanadu2000 said...

Thanks for writing this! I was wondering whether to try Zen for the first time or stay with the tried-and-trusted, but sometimes awkward, Garland as a base theme for a new Drupal-based site. Let's just say after reading your article and others similar to it, I'm no longer in doubt.

Amitav Roy said...

Well I hope you had a good time handling Zen theme. I tried it quite a few time. I would agree that it is very stable across all the browsers. But it has so many CSS that sometimes it becomes very difficult to get things done while theming the website.